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Lookah Seahorse Max

by Elite
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Lookah Seahorse Max! This revolutionary all inclusive piece is like nothing before, combining the great features of an electronic dab rig, classic dab pen, and nectar collector! Basically, this is the one dab tool that can do it ALL.

950mAh battery, this device has great battery life, as well as a simple and straightforward 1-button design. This vaporizer utilizes the same coils as the Seahorse Pro, either quartz or ceramic, however the Seahorse Max kit includes two quartz tips. This style of coil is famous for generating hits with BIG flavor, and good cloud payoff. Because this has a 510-connection, it is also compatible with most 510 cartridges. The mouthpiece perc attachment does wonders to filter and cool your dabs: It has four holes around the frosted cone, where vapor is diffused through water for a much cooler and smoother hit. Additionally, the included stand is very supportive and puts this awesome vaporizer on display beautifully! This kit includes two quartz tips, stand, coil cover, mouthpiece tip, cleaning brush, and USB cable.