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Black Friday Sale! BYOB on all Cannabis, up to 50% Off all Smoke Supplies!
Black Friday Sale! BYOB on all Cannabis, up to 50% Off all Smoke Supplies!


Based on 304 reviews
D8 Chill Pills
Misty Craig
Excellent product

Walked in the store not knowing anything about what I wanted, owner was fabulous at helping me, I loved it so much I ordered another bottle!!

LOUD 500mg Pain Cream
Lynnette Borer
Love This Product

I have been using this product for several years now. I can always tell when I forget to use it. Would highly recommend.

D8 THC Flower
Very smooth

Very nice to Smoke or to use to make your own edibles! Very relaxing product.

D8 THC Flower
Randall Platt
Tastes good & relieves extreme rheumatoid arthritis pain. What’s not to like?

D8 THC Flower works better than any other CBD products I have tried for reducing pain & stiffness symptoms associated with arthritis. LOUD is great to work with, easy on-line shopping, quality employees, good prices & availability.

Shipping Protection
Carryann Humble
my review

I am happy for the most part with LOUD. I had a bit of trouble getting my order processed and shipped, but I am very happy with the Product and the people are awesome. If it wasn't for the trouble with processing my order, I would have given them a 5 star review.

LOUD 2000mg Pain Cream
1133 Preston Rd Young

Finally found something that helps joint pain. Great customer service!

Shipping Protection

Good idea to protect the investment

Very well received!

After a too long wait for my order, I was pleased when it was delivered & I tried the product. Similar sizes sell locally here for $15 to $18 per pre-roll. What was delivered were multiple medium sized with 4 to a tube, I assume because the very large blunts were unavailable. Even though it took several calls to get my order to me, I am happy with both the product & the value. Thank you, LOUD!

Great idea!

I make sure to add this protection to every order. Haven't had to use it but glad that it's available.

Not sure it helps


Delivery was very quick. Order was just what we wanted.

LOUD 250MG Tincture
Joey Gorczynski
Great service

All good here

LOUD Hemp Biomass
Rebecca Baglin

Great price and great CBD thank you very much

Received wrong order

Have emailed a couple times haven't received anything back. Not sure anyone reads these either. We'll see what happens. Would love to still give the Tincture a try.

Pain Cream 250 mg

Not a cream at all. It was completely dried out....had to use a knife to break it out of the container in hopes I could rub it in anyway. That didn't work at all. I was so hopeful as I have used oils from here and loved them. But with this - I have no idea what to do....seems $30 wasted.

Shipping Protection
Colene McKee
shipping protection

It's okay, as long as it doesn't go up and you continue free shipping.

Shipping Protection
Jacob Deherrera

Shipping Protection

CBG Flower
David Kasper
CBD flower

After several calls and texts messages Loud finally sent my order ,the smoke is good ! , A decent pain reliever , just very porn communication of the imployes working their

LOUD 250MG Tincture
Elaine Longer

We love it!!!

D8 Chill Pills
Really works!

For me this is a product that works well for sleeping. I can sleep a good 8 hours. With my body size I can't stay awake so I have to use them for sleeping only. But they work fantastically

cream dried up

This cream is effective but very hard to apply because it is so dried out. The one I bought previously was not like this at all. It crumbles when applying. I emailed right away when I got it for suggestions of solutions but never got an answer.

First time user

I'm extremely happy with this product. Long lasting and effective. Very helpful getting a good night sleep and with pain management. Would recommend to anyone.

Shipping Protection
Gary Hennersdorf

Shipping Protection

D8 Cart of LOUD
Skyla Smith

D8 Cart of LOUD

Awesome Product

Very well made. Great price.