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Unfortunately, our phone number has been temporarily restricted from sending text messages. Please use the Chatbot, or call us. Thank you!
Unfortunately, our phone number has been temporarily restricted from sending text messages. Please use the Chatbot, or call us. Thank you!


Based on 200 reviews
Loud supply goods

Overall quality product if your in the market for edibles. My favorite by far

I haven’t received it yet.

++++ would recommend to anyone!

A++++ work. LOUD is ahead of its time. Definitely worth checking out.

THC Infused Chocolate Chip Cookie- 50mg

Scout- Live Resin THCA Diamonds

LOUD 500mg Pain Cream
brian williams

Awesome product and great customer service. Thanks for taking care of me will definitely make orders in the future.

LOUD 1000mg Pain Cream
brian williams

Order #24390 was never received? I received an email on 12/11/23 with a USPS tracking # but it never worked or was delivered? What is the process to get my product, no one ever answers the phone? I would like someone from the company to contact to resolve the issue, thanks.

Pain relief

These gummies have been a Godsend over using my pain meds. Ty so much for offering at an affordable price!

CBD Joints.. got me HIGH

I just have to say that I got high from the CBD joint. I wasn't quite expecting it, but none the less, it was pleasant. the CBD did what I needed it to do.. killed the pain in my back. Pretty good flavor on the flower, took me back in my smokin' days and my medical card was usable. over all I liked it.

Shipping protection review

With all the issues these days with shipping it’s good to have. I’m willing to pay an extra $1.99 to make sure I get my package!

Is this a real site?

I’ve smoked Loud products in the past and loved them. Ordered over $100 In products almost three weeks ago with no response or way of contacting them. I was charged but nothing has been shipped out yet. Line is disconnected and haven’t received any response to the emails or chat requests I’ve sent. I guess buyer beware at this point.

LOUD 1000MG Tincture
David Erickson

No response from emails or text. Can’t call as when I do all I get is “sorry number not found. Goodbye!!!

Shipping Protection
Barbara Gadberry

I didn’t think it would take 3 weeks to get this.

Only received one

I only received one of the two I ordered. Have still not heard back on if I’m going to get the other one or if I’m getting a refund. The cream itself is wonderful but took over 3 weeks to ship. I emailed and did the chat repeat s didn’t hear back from either. The cream as I said works very well but I would like to hear back if I’m going to get the other cream I ordered.

Shipping Protection
David Erickson

As of today we have not received the product. It hasn’t moved to next location since May 9th. I called and left a message as to see what our next option was.

LOUD 500MG Tincture
Lloyd Moore

My wife has skin problems and this really seems to help. 👍

I have not received the cream & you know it. I have sent you enough texts & javelin spoken to someone. Now you put it on my card, now I expect the product.

LOUD 2000mg Pain Cream
Jose Rodriguez
Great Product

Have not been disappointed so far.

LOUD 1000MG Tincture
Lynnette Borer

LOUD 1000MG Tincture

LOUD 500mg Pain Cream
Lynnette Borer
Love This Product

I have been using this product for several years now. I can always tell when I forget to use it. Would highly recommend.

Shipping Protection
Carryann Humble
my review

I am happy for the most part with LOUD. I had a bit of trouble getting my order processed and shipped, but I am very happy with the Product and the people are awesome. If it wasn't for the trouble with processing my order, I would have given them a 5 star review.

LOUD 2000mg Pain Cream
1133 Preston Rd Young

Finally found something that helps joint pain. Great customer service!

Shipping Protection

Good idea to protect the investment

Great idea!

I make sure to add this protection to every order. Haven't had to use it but glad that it's available.

Not sure it helps