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Unfortunately, our phone number has been temporarily restricted from sending text messages. Please use the Chatbot, or call us. Thank you!
How LOUD Legally Sells and Ships Weed

How LOUD Legally Sells and Ships Weed

We hear it in store all the time: "How are you possibly selling this stuff. Weed's not legal in Arkansas." The short answer is a legal loophole, but the whole answer takes a second to explain.

Legal Basics

First, we must ask ourselves: what is the legal definition of marijuana? Before 2014, it was legally considered to be any part of the cannabis plant. However, the 2014 Farm Bill,  added an exception by legally distinguishing hemp from marijuana, by defining hemp as having a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC, or D9 THC) level below 0.3 percent. This definition was later solidified in the 2018 Farm bill.

This leads us to the question, what is Delta 9 THC? It is the traditional, familiar cannabinoid that you feel when you light up a joint. However, Delta-9-THC is not found in high concentration in raw marijuana, a compound called THCA (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) is. THCA converts into Delta 9 THC when it has been heated to a certain temperatures, also known as decarboxylation.

How do you create this complicated chemical conversion? Light your joint, bowl or blunt, dab it, vape it, or cook it into an edible. If you're an experienced cannabis user, you've done it hundreds of times before, and every time you've ever bought weed, it had a high THCA content (unless you got sold some re-vape back in the old days). If you're new to cannabis,  checkout this guide on how to use it here.

This is where are products lie; we hand select flower and concentrate strains that are legally compliant in D9-THC, but high in THCA, which allows us to sell it to any adult, without a med card, over state lines (check which ones here). Check out our 80%+ THC concentrates, and our 30%+ THC strains.

For edibles, we are actually able to activate the THCA into D9THC, by cooking them above 200-245º. The legal reason we can do this is because the dry weight of the D9 is below .3% of the edible. This allows for some absurdly potent snacks (as well as more reasonable doses), check them out here!

From Medical Marijuana Farmers to your Door!

Because of this loophole, we are able to source our products from cannabis farmers who have 2 customers; medical dispensary's, and us. Because medical cannabis must typically remain in state for every marijuana program in America, these farmers are limited to only in state customers which leads to an overly competitive local market with other farms. Whenever they have strains that pop up eligible to for the program we operate under, they are then able to ship their product over state lines.

Yes, you read that right; we are able to source cannabis from medical marijuana growers, that was grown under a medical marijuana program, simply because a couple tenth-of-percent's of THCA didn't decarb during the growing process, meaning it was considered hemp by federal law. This requires we be very selective in the farms we work with, both to ensure quality, and to guarantee we don't receive uncompliant flower.

Shipping and Delivery

So you don't believe us, and believe we are international black market smugglers; who are our accomplices?! Both USPS and UPS knowingly deliver our products. They are so complicit, the have even paid us insurance claims for lost cannabis after an explanation of what it was. Since then, to avoid any misunderstandings, all packages are sent with a letter to law enforcement and package handlers.

Are you local to Carroll County, Arkansas? We will soon be delivering locally, keep an eye out for our announcement!


In essence, THCA products meet at the intersection of maximum cannabis potential and legal parameters. Use our guides to navigate this nuanced terrain with knowledge, and to help you make informed choices on your cannabis voyage.

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