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  • LOUD CBD Hash

    Our organic CBD Hash is extracted using dry ice. Add it to a bowl or other smoke able to increase its Cannabidiol potency! This product is sold by the gram...
  • LOUD CBD Dabwax

    Our best selling CBD smokable product, these Full Spectrum dabs include the benefits of the whole plant, with rich terpene profiles available in many different strains. While some concentrations may...
  • LOUD CBD Shatter - Loud Supply
    Sold Out

    LOUD CBD Shatter

    This Full Spectrum Shatter tastes amazing! This is, without a doubt, the quickest way to feel and administer CBD into your system! This product contains less than .3% Delta- 9...
  • 99% PURE CBD Isolate

    Our third party lab tested CBD Isolate is of the highest quality and purity, rated at 99%! Pure CBD can be consumed directly, put into capsules, mixed into oils, cooked...
  • CBD Applicator

    Applicators are an effective way to use concentrated amounts of CBD. Each one contains approximately 450mg of CBD. This can be applied directly under the tongue, mixed into a tincture,...
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