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Donny Burger- Live Resin THCA Diamonds

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1 Gram of high potency THC live resin diamonds.

THCa: 82.4%

CBD: 17.186%

Introducing Donny Burger, a tantalizing live resin indica concentrate born from the magical union of GMO and Han-Solo Burger strains. For cannabis connoisseurs chasing the zenith of potency, Donny Burger's Live Resin THCa Diamonds promise an unparalleled experience. Brace yourself for a strain that delivers a perfect blend of relaxation and energy, leaving users in a state of cheerful euphoria and playful giggles.

This cannabis heavyweight boasts an impressive THC content, clocking in at around 82%, making it a top-tier choice for those with a robust THC tolerance.

Now, let's talk about the sensory journey that awaits. When you light up Donny Burger Live Resin diamonds, the air is filled with a symphony of scents — a delightful fusion of skunky, sweet, and earthy notes that dance around your senses. As the smoke swirls, prepare your taste buds for a deep and complex flavor profile. Picture a harmonious marriage of sweet and sour with subtle hints of diesel. Donny Burger takes it a step further, teasing your palate with overtones of sweet cheese, zesty lemon pepper, a touch of spice, and a cascade of fruity undertones.

The real show begins when you heat and vaporize these crystalline structures. Brace yourself for an explosion of flavors and effects that catapult you into a realm of powerful euphoria. Each puff is a journey through the original strain's diverse palette, offering an unforgettable experience for your taste buds and your mind.

Donny Burger's terpene profile:

  • Caryophyllene brings the heat with its peppery notes.
  • Limonene adds a zesty, citrusy kick to the mix.
  • Myrcene, the herbal virtuoso, contributes its unique flavor to the ensemble.

Donny Burger isn't just a strain; it's a symphony of sensations, a journey through flavor and effect that leaves an indelible mark on the cannabis enthusiast's soul. So, buckle up and embark on an adventure with Donny Burger — where potency meets pleasure in a dance of delightful decadence