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THC Flower Tester Signup

Ever sat around the sesh, thinking "what if I could smoke for a living..." 

Me too, but unfortunately that's not what we're offering😭 We do, however, have a way to supplement some of your bud costs for a bit of time!

We will trade samples for honest online reviews. We constantly have new strains coming in, and would like to be able to give outsider opinions to those looking for quality cannabis. They do not have to be a good reviews if you do not believe our company or products deserve it!

How It Works:

1) Sign up using the form below. Please fill out as much as possible

2) If selected, we will ship a sample to the address provided, or you can pick up in store.

3) Leave us a review on Facebook, Google, or directly    on the product page on this website. Please be as descriptive as possible.

4) If you leave a descriptive and truthful review (again, it does not have to be positive if you don't believe we earned it) you will be placed in higher priority for selection of the next round of samplers. The more platforms you leave a review on, the more samples we will send on the next go around. Pictures will also add additional samples into next shipment


Application does not guarantee acceptance into sampler program. We reserve the right to cancel any membership within this program at any time, for any reason. Please check your local laws and regulations. After receiveing your first sample, we will send up to 3 follow up emails and up to 2 calls pending your reviews. If you do not answer, we will accept our loss and refrain from further reminders, however, you will be permanently removed from our sampler program