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Terp Slurper Marble Set

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Banger and marble set must be used together.  Their unique design is created in exact proportions to fit together to get a PERFECT dab hit, every single time! A must have addition to your dab accessories. 

14mm Male, 90 degree

This new quartz banger set has become very popular in the dab community.  You get the complete Terp Slurper set!

 - 100% Pure Quartz Terp Slurper Banger

 - Matching Red Pill and Terp Slurper Ball

 - Cosmic Dichroic Glass Marble Carb Cap


The Terp Slurper quartz banger and marble set was created to improve the efficiency and taste of each dab hit.  The slits at the bottom of the pure quartz slurper banger help prevent burning, and the unique airflow improves the taste profile.  The design essentially draws the dab into the vape area of the banger.

The concentrate hit starts on the outside of the hot cylinder quartz chamber, and then the air flow draws it into the banger.  The marble set and banger work together creating pure perfection with every single hit.  The pill and the terp slurper ball help diffuse and break up the airflow to ensure the dab is vaporized inside the chamber.  The large glass marble on top acts as a cap, sealing the quartz terp slurper, and forcing the air flow to come from the bottom, and draw the glob into the heated chamber.  The marble cap can be left in place during the entire process.  It's function is for easy access to the pill and ball parts of the terp slurper set.

Comes apart with easy access to clean. 

Color: cosmic